The Hills of Oakmont is a warm and inviting development in Platte County, Missouri. Located just off Running Horse Road, we are proud of our walking trails, wide-open green spaces, 302 spacious home-sites, playgrounds, and the best neighborhood that can be found in this County.

This site is for the Residents and prospective residents of the Hills of Oakmont Subdivision of Platte County, Missouri.

News and Reminders
Seeking Bids
Contact: Hills of Oakmont here or mail to:
Hills of Oakmont
PO box 926
Platte City, Mo. 64079.

    Reminder to consider your neighbors and the covenants:

    • Trailers, boats, and campers, and Motor Homes must be stored out of sight, not in driveways or in the yards.
    • Trash containers must be stored out of sight.
    • Pets – PLEASE pick up after your pets (health violation) and Pets must not run at large.
    • Signs are only permitted for sale of your property.
    • All Rusted mail boxes must be replaced or re-painted white

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